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Licensed Real Estate Agent Guyana

Carol Gomes-Walton

Prashad Nagar

Georgetown, Guyana

Tel: +(592) 623-0070

Email: jirehinvestmentsrealtors@gmail.com

Jireh Investments Realtors is a privately-owned Real Estate Business that is fully owned by me, Carol Gomes-Walton. Jireh Investments Realtors have been operating in the Real Estate business for over eighteen years. We provide Professional Country wide services across Guyana in the Buying, Selling and Renting of both Commercial and Residential Properties.

We are among the most visible and successful real estate professionals in Guyana. Among our list of esteemed Clients that we have had the pleasure of serving are The European Union (EU), United Nations Development Project (UNDP), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Canadian Trade Commission, a number of Foreign Embassies in Guyana, The Marriot Hotel, Manitoba Hydro International (Canada), Exxon-Mobile, Nexen Energy, Government of Guyana – Parliament Office, together with a long list of local Businesses and Professionals.

We are proud of our record, that in the course of our business over the years, we have never had any litigation matters brought against us by any of our Clients, their Agents or any other Company or Individual. We have a high reputation in the Guyana Real Estate Market of Excellence and Trustworthiness.

We are therefore well positioned to provide you with any of your Real Estate needs. This can include Office Space and Residences for Company Officials. Presently, we have in our listing a number of well-suited Properties in excellent location, with wide ranging sizes and diverse layouts – for Sale and Rentals. Once contracted by your Company, we can secure a Property in either category within one month or less. Please note, that as the potential purchasing or renting Client, there are no charges or costs to you for our Services. Under the Real Estate laws in Guyana, the Property Owner is required to pay the Broker/Agent.

We understand that it is important for you to have your real estate needs and requirements taken care of in a manner that will help to facilitate your Vision and Operation in Guyana. We also understand that you need to have a Company that will provide Honest and Reliable Services of the Highest Quality. Jireh Investments Realtors are well qualified in this regard and will be happy to assist you to achieve these objectives.

We look forward to being of service to you.